JAD - Multichannel vibration signal  conditioning and acquisition system

Recommended for online condition                monitoring systems of rotating                                        machinery, that works with up to 12                          vibration channels. The system allows to collect up to 8 process


Complete Health Monitoring of Turbo and  small and large rotating Machineries

VIBtransmitter - Basic vibration monitoring modules

Devices from the VIBtransmitter series are designed for online condition monitoring and basic diagnostics of constant and variable speed rotating machinery (e.g. ventilators, pumps, compressors). It is an affordable solution for customers, who want to protect their facilities from serious failures. The series includes single channel, as well as multichannel devices.

VIBnavigator is the user interface  of  the                                   VIBstudio platform based on I3 Technology.                                   It is primarily used for  event monitoring,                                    data viewing, configuration and administration of the system. On one hand the interactive and easy to use browser ensures intuitive handling for the perator. On the other hand it offers to the maintenance and diagnostic teams a wide functionality for processing and analysis of signals.

VIBinspector - versatile portable vibration analyzer with balancing feature

The device can be used as an independent solution for vibration diagnostics, or as a supplement to the VIBstudio online condition monitoring system. In case when it is used to complement the stationary system, the VIBinspector is particularly useful to monitor less critical machines, which do not require the online monitoring, or on machines, where for various reasons, the online system cannot be installed.

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VIBmeter - portable vibration analyzer

The VIBmeter is a compact, rechargeable,         portable device designed to conform to       ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant            current accelerometer providing an                   accurate vibration measurement.


It  is a modular, multichannel and autonomous system operating close to the monitored machine. The system monitors and protects operating machines through conditioning, high quality acquisition of signals and process parameters, all well as their continuous analysis. Due to True Data ValidatorTM, the real-time data validation technology, as well as automated machine operational states detection and advanced diagnostic analyses, the system effectively detects anomalies in an early development phase, and significantly reduces the number of false alarms

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Its Your Machinery Guardian. VIBstudio is an intelligent platform for online condition monitoring, failure protection and vibration-based diagnostics of machinery. Wide range of configurations allows to adjust the system to the functional needs and financial capabilities of the customer. Moreover, the ease of future expansion makes it possible to spread out the investment in time. This provides a unique business benefit allowing to start from an inexpensive base version of the system for monitoring of a single machine, and further gradual expansion into an advanced platform for remote diagnostics of the entire enterprise.